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Research has shown that consumers do not understand their benefits. In fact, a recent Nayya survey revealed that despite HR’s best efforts to educate employees on their benefits, 63% of consumers are not confident in selecting benefits. A massive gap exists between HR’s perception and employee reality, with 82% of HR teams reporting they are moderately confident to confident that their employees understand their benefits decisions. Worryingly, employee confidence levels are even lower among Gen Z and Millennial workers, which represents a large and growing percentage of the workforce.

That's why Workterra is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Nayya, a leading benefits experience and healthcare management platform. Through this innovative partnership, Workterra customers will gain access to a next-gen toolset that differentiates their employee benefits experience.

Workterra brings to life a true benefits navigation experience by fully integrating Nayya’s technology to support the enrollee throughout their benefits lifecycle, helping them select the best benefits package for their personal needs and make the best use of the benefits they have selected throughout the year.

“The ‘elephant in the room’ in employee benefits is that the value delivered to employers and employees is far below what is spent today,” said Ben Yomtoob, President of Workterra. “Workterra’s goal is to continually improve the employee benefit experience and increase that value. Adding Nayya’s innovative toolset to our leading technology platform is an important step in that process.”

Powered by data science and AI technology, Nayya uses more than three billion external data points, a vast network of medical carrier integrations, and hundreds of millions of lines of claims data to help identify the right benefits for employees. Nayya's technology gives employees much-needed transparency when it comes to their benefits through guided benefits support and personalized recommendations.

"Nayya is thrilled to be working with Workterra to offer their customers a personalized benefits guidance experience, so these employees will be able to make better informed, healthy decisions during the enrollment process,” said Sina Chehrazi, CEO and co-founder of Nayya. “With a lingering pandemic, soaring health care costs, and rising inflation, it is an employer's responsibility to empower their workers with tangible solutions that provide total health and financial wellness, and our partnership is a step towards delivering such meaningful support.”

Workterra’s intuitive, customizable benefits administration platform will now offer enhanced features powered by Nayya, including:

Starting in July 2022, Workterra customers will have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Nayya’s technology into their enrollment and ongoing benefits management experience. For more information and to set up a demo of Workterra powered by Nayya, contact us at

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At Nayya, we believe there's a better way to choose and use benefits: A more transparent, less confusing way for employees to control their health and financial potential. Powered by billions of data points and machine learning, our benefits experience platform delivers personalized decision support and guidance during open enrollment, new employee onboarding, qualifying life events, and in the moments that matter all year round. This is one of the most stressful and challenging situations consumers face – and we see that as an opportunity to build an innovative response that can help millions of Americans gain the control and understanding they deserve. Join the consumers and their employers that are now living with more peace and confidence at

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