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Alleviate the complexities commonly associated with employee benefit enrollment, benefit administration and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. Designed with the user in mind, WORKTERRA BenAdmin delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use application to manage and complete the benefit election process; all through a single, consolidated application.

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HR Admin Self-Service

Eliminate time wasted on daunting tasks commonly associated with the benefit administration process. HR administrators are provided all the tools needed to manage employee benefit elections and updates throughout the year: in one place, in real-time and in compliance with Affordable Care Act regulations.

  • Track Open Enrollment Progress
  • Manage Year-Round Life Events
  • Set Payroll Schedules
  • Add/Term Employees
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • ACA Compliance Dashboard
HR Admin Self-Service


WORKTERRA’s ad-hoc reporting tool allows administrators to quickly and easily generate, schedule and automate custom or standard reports in real-time. Once a report is generated, conveniently download in the format of your choice (Excel, PDF, etc.) for easy extraction of the data.

A sample of Standard Reports:

  • Open Enrollment Changes Report
  • Newly Enrolled Dependents Report
  • Invoice Management
  • Discrepancy Report
  • Employee Plan Eligibility Report
  • Qualifying Event Report

Affordable Care Act Dashboard

Our proprietary software tools have been designed to provide a strategic snapshot of Health Care Reform’s impact on your business. WORKTERRA’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard is built to minimize the confusion commonly associated with healthcare administration and provides a highly configurable solution to help with compliance concerns.

Compliance Tools Include:

  • Reporting: 6055 & 6056, 1094 & 1095
  • Look Back / Administrative / Stability Periods
  • Eligibility Trends
  • Applicable Large Employer (ALE)
  • Safe Harbors
  • PCORI Fee
Affordable Care Act Dashboard

Employee Self-Service

WORKTERRA BenAdmin’s employee self-service dashboard is designed to promote employee self-service and increase overall user engagement of the benefit enrollment process. The easy to navigate user interface coupled with the highly configurable workflow guides employees step-by-step through the enrollment process ensuring no step is skipped. Add custom messaging, pop-ups, videos, forms, etc. to provide employees all of the information needed to proceed smoothly through the enrollment process.

  • Complete Open Enrollment
  • Dynamic Enrollment Summaries
  • Add/Update Life Events Throughout The Year
  • Receive/View Paperless Paychecks
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Decision Support & Plan Comparisons
Employee Self-Service

Decision Support Tools

Empower employees to learn about and understand their comprehensive benefits program with the help of various interactive decision support tools. Plan Comparisons, benefit calculators, enrollment summaries and more assist employees in selecting the benefit plan that is best for them.

Interactive tools include:

  • Side-By-Side Plan Comparisons
  • Benefit Calculator
  • Enrollment Summaries
  • Paycheck Modeling
  • Learn About Your Benefits
Decision Support Tools