A fully configurable and easy-to-use platform

Built to simplify benefits for HR and employees

HR Dashboard

HR Dashboard

  • Action-oriented dashboard focused on pending tasks for all roles
  • Easily accommodate and adjust different plan structures and eligibility rules
  • Create, schedule and automate real-time reports specific to your unique requirements
  • Full transparency into enrollment and file feed status
  • Text and email communication tools
Personalized Enrollment for Employees

Personalized Enrollment for Employees

  • Unique workflows, messaging and content for each employee group based on eligibility
  • Intuitive, consumer-like shopping experience guides employees through enrollment
  • Employee Dashboard allows for self-service to update information and access documents
  • Education and decision support tools help employees select benefits that suit their needs
  • Dynamic cost calculators provide full transparency into costs in real time
Built For a Workforce on the Go

Built For a Workforce on the Go

  • Enroll in Benefits
  • Update Life Events
  • Camera and Upload Functionality
  • Keep Employees Connected
Core HR

Core HR

  • Employee and dependent demographic information
  • Pay and compensation records
  • View team/organization structures
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Simple exporting and importing of employee data for reporting purposes
  • Closed loop payroll functionality ensures payroll deduction accuracy
White Paper

White Paper: How to Evaluate Your Benefits Administration Solution This Year

Not sure if you have the best-fit benefits administration partner in place? Download our latest white paper to learn the four key areas you should focus your evaluation on that impact success the most. A checklist is also provided to help you get your evaluation started and determine if it's time for a change.

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