Transforming HCM: Know What You’re Really Paying – and Why

Campaign Adroll Transforming HCM

In a world of increasingly complex financial models, byzantine regulatory demands and a multigenerational and highly mobile workforce, human capital management can be ridiculously confusing. Yet it shouldn’t be. No matter the size of your company, new cloud-based solutions offer highly affordable, flexible and easy to deploy HCM systems that make it much simpler to manage your benefits and your people.

But which HCM platform should you choose? This web seminar will give you a better understanding of the key benefits and selection criteria for choosing a streamlined, integrated HCM solution.

You will learn:
  • The advantages of a truly integrated HCM system
  • Why proprietary beats open technology
  • How to simplify your solution by avoiding outsourcing and third-party apps
  • The best way to calculate the true price of an HCM solution
  • How to unearth and avoid ‘hidden’ charges
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